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BOTCH’; a pro-wrestling maneuver that’s gone wrong through an injury, a mistake, or a break within the illusion has informed the creation of these new painting installations. 


Through the use of oil and spray paint and technical programmes such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Blender, the paintings go through a series of manipulations from both human and machine procedures via a 3D printed pen holder and plotter. The canvases are fed into the machine, regurgitated out for me to change and then forced back in until I've decided or arguably the machine has decided the cycle is complete. The frames have been fabricated with a laser cutter and engraved using identical marks found within the paintings. 


Some details are meticulously obsessed over while others are ignored. The BOTCH, in essence, is a mistake - something that I believe should be celebrated in a creative context.


Materials used: oil paint, spray paint, pens (various), wood, wood stain, polymorph.

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